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Want your sales hotline to become hot again?

It?s easy with Flyer Distribution SG!!! See how to achieve more than
80 % increase in sales in less than 3 months!


How to achieve it?


Flyer Distribution SG provides a one stop solution offering Printing, Flyer Design and seeks to help you to reach out to your target audience effectively through our established distribution offline and online network (70% of Singaporean is using smart phone to work). Our Flyer Distribution covers more than 80 locations island- wide from (West) Tuas to (East) Pasir Ris to (South) CBD Shenton way to (North) Woodlands. We are confident to reach out to your target buyers effectively. This is not all? if you sign up for our digital package, we will convert your flyer into online advertisement for FREE.


Hi, I am Ah Gu, guru in finding the cheapest deal in Singapore and jb.

One of my recent achievements is becoming a valued customer of Flyer Distribution SG.

Why? I was looking into ways to market my imported power saving meter.

After 23 hours and 23 mins of research, I have decided to engage Flyer Distribution SG to design, print and distribute flyer for me.
*Terms and Condition applys

Watch out how miracle happen in 10 days:

  • Day 1: Discuss and inform Flyer Distribution SG what I want
  • Day 2: Flyer Distribution SG expedited on my request and release the draft for my approval
  • Day 3: Correct all amendments requested and job was sent to print
  • Day 5: Received Print job
  • Day 6: Distribution at Choa Chu Kang MRT
  • Day 7: Flyer circulated in Facebook
  • Day 8: Inquiry received by someone in Pasir Ris (the girlfriend of someone staying at Choa Chu Kang) who saw the flyer in facebook
  • Day 9: More inquiries from Orchard and Chinatown
  • Day 10: Clinched several deals using discount coupons on flyers. Well done Flyer Distribution SG !!


Common Challenges

Why Flyer Distribution SG

  1. Traditional word of mouth vs Online word of mouth
  2. Flyers with plain and boring wordings vs flyers with unique design
  3. Limited coverage vs whole of Singapore coverage 4
  4. Creating brand awareness
  5. Limited pool of customers; reaching out to new customer base to expand market share
  6. Limited budget for publicity and promotion
  1. Cheap and reliable service
  2. Responsive
  3. Sensitive to market changes
  4. Flyer Tracking
  5. No hidden cost
  6. Unique design used for build up branding



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Just want to thank Ken, Allan, Fang Jie & Team for their numerous of hours put into helping compaines like mine to create brand awareness and a solid marketing campaign.

Purchased 2 huge flag banners for outdoor advertising from them and the design and detail was exactly everything i wanted.

I also purchased their flyer distribution service from them and it all went to plan. They have a unique name for their techniques and great way of marketing their services & keeping in touch with their distributors to motinor distribtion activities and keeping customers like myself aware of any happenings on the spot.

iKen Marketing is without a doubt what every company needs whether you are a start-up or well-known brand in the market. They are the definition of affordable yet quality and effective work being produced. Having worked with them for a few months, i would definitely want to work with them on a long term basis. Keep up the great work and thank you for allowing your fellow customers to have a memorable experience with you. Cheers! :) - 25KHM

Testtimonials from 25KHM

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Hey IKEN TEAM, Thank for your advice on the new design, it works for me so much. The distribution did well and I have increased sales too. I appreciate your extra effort to promote my product at your store and warehouse. Furthermore, your assistance with artwork adaptation for road show at EXPO, it was great. The trust that you have built with me is the most important I ever had in Singapore. Please prepare the next job I have for you. Cheers! - EziDry

Testimonial for EziDry

The team attended to my request fast and gave me good advice in the marketing and distribution plans. There was constant engagement from the team to keep me posted of the progress. Thumbs up for Ken's team and will look forward to engaging their services again. - Logia Print 3d

Testimonial from Logia Print 3D


We needed someone to tend to a redemption booth at Marina Square. After a full understanding on our job, they were able to advise, process and deliver the job with much satisfactory. We greatly appreciate their professionalism in handling this project. - Koufu

Testimonial from Koufu

We have been working with flyerdistributionSG on several projects. Although their schedule is very tight, they put in their best efforts to update and get my job done. - DHM

Testimonial from DHM

Hey flyerdistributionSG, We like the way you advise and improve upon our ideas and propose alternatives that have saved money for us. Your added offer of free delivery service to split our large order, advise on design amendments and flyer distribution has helped us save more on printing cost collaterals. You have not failed us and we thank you and your team on always meeting our timelines. A truly trusted company for printing and marketing that we always wanted. We have more sales coming in that?s why we are printing this 3rd round with you! Yes, we agree with you and will always come back to you for print and distribution. - Knicker + Bockers Pizza

Testimonial from Knicker and Bockers Pizza have been able to provide a one-stop service solution to our needs. They design and print collaterals to explain our range of products that we need to showcase during the exhibition. They also handle mail drop distribution of our product range. This helps save us time and we do see an improvement in our sales. - Tan Chong Industrial and Machinery

Testimonial fromTan Chong Industrial



Flyers Distribution Gallery



Other Client's Testimonials

 Testimonials 01

I have only been working with this iKen Marketing for a few months but I would recommend them without hesitation. Their client support has been outstanding and they have exceeded all of my expectations. I have worked with many other flyer distribution companies but none of them can compare to them.

Lynn Tan
Food Republic

 Testimonials 04

We had a requirement which needed a female distributor to work late hours for our campaign and Ken was able to search and hire a distributor that met our requirement. He takes the time and effort to make sure we are able to maximise our campaign to its full potential.


 Testimonials 02

We needed someone to tend to a redemption booth at Marina Square. After a full understanding on our job, they were able to advise, process and deliver the job with much satisfactory. We greatly appreciate their prossionalism in handling this project.

Pamela Ng

 Testimonials 05

After discussing with us, they were able to provide me a quotation and a flyer design within a short time. The friendly staff kept me updated during and after distribution. I am very pleased by their services and I hope to work with them again.

Tommy Tan
Logiaprint 3D

 Testimonials 03

We need flyer distribution throughout the year as we have constant roadshows and promotions. They updated us the progress regularly on distribution and were able to fulfill each job requirement satisfactorily.

Calista Tan
Chan Brothers Travel

 Testimonials 06

They are capable of providing innovative ideas to our needs and we do see a increase of response and enquiries.

The Little Skool House




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